Caring for your Embellished Kaftan

How to care for your lovely Embellished Kaftans, Dreses, Resort and Holiday Wear

Our kaftans are known for their colourful crystal stone embellishments around the necklines and the front. These crystal stones are applied individually by hand. Some crystals may come off with wear and normal use, and this is not in itself a fault or defect of your lovely garment.

There are generally 2 ways to clean/care for your lovely embellished outfits:

Very gentle hand wash in cold/warm (NOT HOT) water (this is only suitable for light soils/stains)

Wash the dress inside out in your kitchen sink/laundry trough, using warm water (please don't use hot water as it can soften the adhesives used to glue the crystals and any other embellishments!) and a small amount of mild liquid detergent. Another reason to avoid using hot water is that it can shrink your fabric or can ruin the finish on other embellishments.

Don’t soak for more than a few minutes because of the glue. Very gently swirl the garment in the soapy sink water to remove light soiling.

When your dress is clean rinse in clean cold/warm water then drain the water out. Do not squeeze, then drip dry by hanging or laying flat somewhere dry or outdoors, away from direct sunlight.

For ironing, it is important to use low to medium heat setting only and never let the iron come in direct contact with the crystal stones or the surrounding fabric around the crystal stones. You may use a piece of thick cotton fabric placed between the iron and the garment. Move the cotton cloth with the iron. If the crystal stones or the surrounding fabric gets too hot, it will melt the adhesive and the stone will reposition itself and leave a glue smear on the fabric. If this happens, let it sit for 5 minutes and cool down. This way you can be assured the glue if it did start to melt won't run or smear when the item is moved.

Spot dry cleaning using a professional dry cleaner

For a professional dry clean spot-treat the soils/stains using a milder solvent which is suitable for embellished garments, and avoid any heat/steam treatment and ironing on the adhesives used to glue the crystals.

Altering your Kaftan or Drawstring Dress

If you have to alter your kaftan or drawstring dress, we recommend that you use a trusted clothing alterer. You may wish to keep the fabric which was taken off the altered garment to use as a belt or scarf to accessorize your outfit.